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tv   Headline News  RT  August 26, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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girl researcher. coming up on our t.v. fighting isis the u.s. began supplying surveillance missions over syria now many are wondering if this latest action will have the u.s. teaming up with the regime it once criticized. an unarmed teenager killed by police in ferguson missouri is laid to rest but what does that mean for the community going forward we'll have a report from ferguson later in the show. easing tensions in ukraine president putin and foreshadow meet as the humanitarian crisis continues in the war torn country but is this meeting providing any chance for peace. if anything it's tuesday august twenty sixth eight pm in washington d.c.
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i'm manila chan you're watching r.t. america surveilling syrian skies the u.s. is latest response to the threat of islamic militants wreaking havoc along the iraqi syrian border has many wondering if one time foes the u.s. and syria could become friends of me today the obama administration officials announced that it would begin aerial surveillance of isis controlled territories within the syrian border an unnamed official tells the a.p. that while these aerial surveillance drones are necessary for reconnaissance purposes against the isis militants the white house confirmed that they're not acting in cooperation with the assad regime so could this mean the u.s. is gearing up for new air strikes in syria in response to this syrian officials say they welcome u.s. surveillance of the isis militants but the syrian syrian foreign minister had this to say any strike which is not coordinated with the government will be considered as. as a gresham's this as the u.s.
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ramped up its involvement in the region following the beheading of american journalist james foley and the life of two more americans hang in the balance journalist steve soft and humanitarian aid worker the twenty six year old woman has not yet been identified so what is the bigger picture for the u.s. in this region earlier i was joined by matt southworth from the friends committee on national legislation i first asked him if there was a chance that the two governments syria and the u.s. might end up working together to fight isis. yeah i think the chances of that are highly unlikely i think what the u.s. sees as an opportunity to take unilateral strikes against isis the interesting thing to me is that the administration when they requested that authorization last year was resoundingly shut down by the american public and congress was not even able to take a vote on that authorization because the public was so adamantly opposed to yet another war in the middle east and yet more potential for bombing but do you think
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that sentiment has changed given this new the new action on the rise militants has that sentiment change i would think you know i don't actually think so i think most people haven't been paying close enough attention the difference between this time and last time is the president went on t.v. and said we want to new authorization i think if the president were to come on t.v. again and say we want new authorization which he will have to do because the president does not have open ended authority to wage war against isis it's very far out of any existing authority for him and the administration to take that action so eventually if they keep this up they're going to have to seek authorization and when that happens i think the public will again speak out and be adamantly opposed you think they'll still be opposed now now the u.s. has launched air strikes in iraq as we know against isis militants but it's taking a very different approach in fighting the same group in syria along syria's side of the border why do you think the u.s. has taken a different approach just because we have a schizophrenia policy you know the u.s.
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has long held contradict dring allies and contradicting beliefs about alliances in the middle east one question in terms of the surveillance in syria is are we doing actual surveillance for the purpose of gathering intelligence or are we actually doing target acquisition i served in northern iraq in two thousand and four with the u.s. army as an intel analyst and i know a little bit about that target acquisition i was responsible for doing some of that and it's not a science is definitely not a science so we have to wonder how long will this action take place before the chances of let's say bomb. innocent iraqi civilians or innocent syrian civilians happens and then what will we do right now just a moment ago you did mention that the obama administration will seek their congress of course to go forward with anything now the administration has actually said that they won't guarantee that they will seek congress' approval to move forward with with maybe some air strikes in syria but how important is it for the lawmakers to
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approve the military response i think it's absolutely essential you know the only way for the public to weigh in on whether or not they approve a third war. third major war in this time is for them to look to congress to actually take a vote on an authorization and if that doesn't happen i think it will be a miscarriage of constitutional dorothy and you know the administration has said that that isis is an imminent threat to the u.s. interests and in fact chuck hagel just recently said that it's a threat to every interest that we have is this really an accurate assumption or is this an exaggeration to me it's more rhetoric you know there's very little evidence for the fact that isis is a threat sure they have made statements but statements in ability are two very different things and you know didn't have weapons of mass destruction in two thousand and three we learned that babies in incubators in one thousand nine hundred one was a made up petitions story and i have real doubts about the sincerity of the
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underlying policy decisions being made for everything chuck hagel would make such a broad statement you know it's really hard to know from my view. officials are thinking we've been bombing iraq for at almost twenty five years we've been involved in the region for at least the last fifty and we have a few positive examples of where military forces work i don't know why we continue to double down on these filled policies we need a different approach and the approach of bombs and boots first will fail again if we if we do it now syria. has become as at that as the days go by it's becoming increasingly governable do you think that the u.s. maybe should have acted sooner were guarding isis i mean rather than the president calling them. absolutely the president in the united states and the united nations should have acted sooner not in military terms but in terms of getting regional players and international players at the table to broker a political deal right now we've got the president saying there's no military
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solution to iraq yet we continue to bomb same thing with syria and there's no rivaling political process or no political process in tandem so my question to the administration is simply if there is no military solution how do you plan for the political solution that doesn't seem like we're taking any of those actions i think that's the opportunity that was missed not military action so we're just kind of responding with violence and you don't think that's going to get us anywhere with it certainly doesn't protect civilians exacerbates the existing violence it's going to push more people toward the islamic state it's going to push more people toward these other groups because they have the choice of self-preservation or die and i think you know this this policy is only going to exacerbate that now on one last note here today n.b.c. is reporting that an american was killed i'm sure you've heard about that over the weekend fighting for isis it says the free syrian army released photos of american douglas macarthur mccain his passport and photos of his body were released and
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right now the u.s. says it's just a small handful of americans that they believe have taken up the cause and a lot of europeans are actually joining but do you think that's an accurate portrayal or do you think there's kind of more more to this to this one thing the u.s. policy over the last you know thirteen years and maybe even further has created us and them groups and the unfortunate side effect is some people are sympathizing with the u.s. and i think ultimately people are defecting from the u.s. and fighting. it's certainly not the first time this is happened but ultimately this is no way indicative of the american muslim community and i think that's an important point to stress i agree and earlier today at a pentagon briefing when asked about how the u.s. is conducting operations against isis general kirby said the following where we are authorized to act. from a military perspective in iraq and that's what we're doing but it doesn't mean we're turning a blind eye to the regional threat that they pose and quite frankly we're not
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turning a blind eye to their global aspirations as well you know much has been made about you know. the threat they pose and how imminent it is and you don't need to look any further than the recruitment of foreign fighters and the degree to which not just the united states government but many western governments are concerned about these foreign fighters reading their shores going over there getting radicalized trained and then coming back as you heard what he just had to say do you think will actually be more americans leaving to fight for isis or or actually going to get trained and just coming back to do some homegrown terrorism here it's impossible to know but you know what i think could stop that for the military action but good policing actual intelligence gathering and making sure that we're not continuing to conduct policies that are having these outcomes and if you look at where the u.s. military is taking military action and intervene across the middle east we have more examples of failed states and successful states so i think that's
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a really important point when weighing whether or not to continue and expand u.s. military action thank you so much thank you for your insight that was nat southworth from the friends committee on national legislation. the shocking video of james foley's execution by an isis fighter in syria sparked international outpourings of sympathy for foley's family friends and colleagues one of those colleagues is danish that photo journalist daniel addis and who was held captive alongside foley for thirteen months august and was released by isis back in june and was able to deliver his last message to his mother and family here's a small sample of james foley's final note back home eighteen of us have been held together in one cell which has helped me we have had each other to have endless long conversations about movies trivia sports we played games made up of scraps found in our cell i have had weak and strong days we are so grateful when anyone is
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freed but of course you're in for our own freedom we try to encourage each other and share strength now due to the heavy security while in isis captivity foley wasn't allowed to use pen and paper to craft a letter instead honest and had to remember foley's final correspondence now after he was released office and dictated the letter to foley's mother diane over the phone also on sunday we saw the release of another american journalist peter t. curtis held captive in syria for two years however it was the united nations who managed to free curtis he was handed over to un peacekeepers in the golan heights region which is under israeli control. and indefinite truce has been declared between israel and gaza but not before a last minute volley of mortars being launched out of gaza into israel that killed one israeli and wounded six others the deal brokered by egypt marks the latest
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ceasefire in the seven we conflict that left more than twenty two hundred palestinians dead which were mostly civilians israel says they've had sixty four soldiers die along with four civilians one of those who was a tidy national. and following the sect the july second kidnapping. brutal murder of sixteen year old palestinian mohammad abu coderre at the hands of six jewish extremists his family now appears to be the target of israeli police as his nineteen year old cousin of the same name is now being detained by israeli police and now this is raising concerns at the state department because abu coderre the cousin of that boy who was burned alive back in july is an american citizen not until recently was the state department made aware that israel had detained an american to discuss that latest revelation i was joined earlier by our t's own a mirror david i first started out by asking her what the state department's been saying about all of this superman has actually been quite critical of israel when
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it comes to the arrest of mahmoud of who could do your what the state department is most concerned about is the fact that the u.s. consulate general was not notified of this arrest immediately as is typical when a u.s. citizen of course is arrested abroad they've also expressed concern that members of the could could your family appeared to be singled out of course this isn't the first time we've heard this last name have tarik of who he or the other. mohammed could do or who was killed the boy or a of course hark is the one in florida now in terms of the status of his arrest the charges are still unclear i asked the state department today for an update take a look at that. what can you tell us about the status of muhammad a dear u.s. citizen who's been detained in israel and why has his arrest been extended apparently to the end of september and why has he not been indicted yet. some of this i'm not going to be able to speak to critics in the legal system i didn't get
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an update from our team on this today obviously you know this is a case that we're watching closely and we're involved with closely but we can check on the legal process and see if there's any. so as you saw there the state department didn't have a whole lot of new information to add least telling us why this young man has not been indicted yet but he's idle being detained however last week the department said the u.s. consulate in jerusalem was offering consular services to the boy and his family hoping to really expedite this legal process just seems a little bizarre that taken so long what do we know about why he was arrested in the first place what are they what if they will be earlier so people understand he was born in baltimore but he has since left and his immediate family has left and returned to the east jerusalem area that's where he both lived and work so he was very much present in the aftermath of the brutal killing of his relatives thought to be his cousin of course that sixteen year old and police say they arrested him
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while he was rioting over that death of course he was probably very passionate about it but it's not clear what exactly he was doing what really merited that arrest and with no indictment yet it's obviously even harder to determine from what i understand even more of his family the boy that died even more of his family is being targeted by israeli police and what he tell us about that and he i mean the reason that we're hearing so much about this particular arrested because he is a u.s. citizen of course it's a little bit closer to home but he's just one of many there are countless palestinians in this family it's a large large family. who have been targeted and we don't. i have verification of this but according to the family's count at least thirty five of them have been arrested so you can imagine i how big this family is thirty five of them have been arrested and some of them have been released but as far as we know twenty one of them are still under a very they're being harassed at the very least or will monitor them exactly that's
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what that's what is believed at least at this point now what the attorney for the family says one of them is actually a doctor who was seen in the area of the rioting thought to be participating but he was not he was only offering first aid to some of the wounded and he is one of the the ones that is still the taint right now last but not least since we're just learning this news how how was israel justifying this detention i mean they still have him and now we know what are the. police deny this this claim through and through they say that the family's not being singled out that they are not being harassed in any way they say that this is purely coincidence coincidence that this family happens to be the one that's writing because they're passionate over over the death of that young boy and and that there are very large families so five people that we're going to while i also very actually just said and as to why israel did not notify us consulate of the arrest police say that you had your is not registered as a u.s.
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citizen in their database and they also say that during the questioning when they were interrogating him he did not make it known to them using americans and i'm sure we'll be hearing a little more about that in the days to come getting so much for that was archies america. now to the crisis in ukraine the much anticipated one on one meeting between president vladimir putin and petro poroshenko has now wrapped up in del ruth this is the first bilateral meeting between the two are to correspondent irene a glue show has more. well they have been in the works for quite some time we've been waiting for the results for hours here the talks lasted for several hours for almost two hours as a matter of fact and they finished well after midnight again as you have said for the first time president putin and president poroshenko have met one on the one and obviously the situation the conversation revolved around the situation in eastern ukraine now russian president said abide the end of the meeting that. russia did not discuss anything about the cease fire agreement largely because russia is not
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a participant in the fighting that's happening in southeast of ukraine russian president and moscow can only serve as a an entity creating a feeling of trust between the conflicting sides of course having said that russian president also mentioned will have agreed that you can in tearing aid is indeed needed in southeastern regions of ukraine and now there was a lot of talk concerning the gas relations between the two countries then the dispute seems to be coming perhaps to a conclusion they have agreed on continuation of talks between moscow and kiev including e.u. in those discussions now russian president said that russia has indeed cut off gas supply to ukraine because they have refused to pay and that could affect the european consumers of gas as well as has been actually as actually has happened before and now when we were waiting for this meeting to start we were watching
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closely as the two presidents were arriving to the presidential palace that's right behind me and the minute russian president has set foot inside you could see that he was a man of feeling absolutely confident in what was about to happen he was all smiles we couldn't say the same about ukrainian president his facial expressions have left us wondering about the complexity of the emotions that he was feeling but then of course there was that very first handshake between the two presidents for the. first time kind of sense setting the tone of hope for the upcoming meeting and it does seem that indeed perhaps we have seen some movement forward then of course now it's down to. the to the actions have to start taking place bods by the end of the talks here in minsk russian president said that he is happy with the way that it went he called them positive now michael brown the eighteen year old who was shot to death by ferguson p.d. was laid to rest in
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a nationally televised service yesterday his death sparked weeks of protest and rioting in the st louis suburb brown's funeral was peaceful but will the common ferguson continue our tears marina portnoy has more. here in ferguson the streets remain calm and quiet and have basically been that way for the past twenty four hours as a matter of fact students boarded buses for their first day of school today this coming after the district pushed back the start of school three times due to the ongoing violence over the past two weeks but on monday night we saw no arrests and very few demonstrators out on the street and much of the reason for that is because michael brown's father personally appealed to the community asking that on the day that he buries his son for there to be peace for there to be quiet for there to be no weiland said of course the community did respect the wishes of michael brown's family but many optimists that i've spoken with say that the fight for accountability and justice is far from over. thousands braved the boiling
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temperatures monday patiently waiting to enter a seat that was church inside and were funeral service for the young man whose name and story has dominated international headlines more than two weeks after michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer he is finally laid to rest his family and friends get the chance to say goodbye but what this community has not yet received are the answers to the and list questions surrounding the death of the unarmed teenager the white officer who shot at least six bullets into the african-american eighteen year old remains on paid administrative leave while state and federal prosecutors investigate. the police killing fueled nearly two weeks of violent protests in which heavy handed actions of a militarized u.s. police department shocked the world tear gas rubber bullets flash grenades and
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death threats. used against most of the armed activists and journalists were dragnets. the computer demand times that i've been involved in. shootings i can tell you. that was an excessive amount of force and it happens everywhere everywhere around the world tuesday citizens are being encouraged to take to the streets for an international day of action demanding an end to police brutality and unchecked state violence the campaign is called hands up united the tear gas of the air they're also using abroad right and a lot of people were even comparing ferguson to war zones but those were shouldn't be that pilot anyway right like it's not ok for tear gas we use against citizens in the us it's not ok in other countries either so we're calling on communities and citizens across the world to sort of push back together at the same time because none of us deserve that kind of treatment from the state tear gas was banned in her
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fair under the chemical weapons convention of one thousand nine hundred three however it was not banned from police forces to use domestically a thank. one america's law enforcement only fires the chemical on its own people it remains the top supplier of tear gas to governments around the world tuesday's international call for action as a united everyone wants a b m c that's a great show of solidarity because it will put pressure on our leaders on everyone to know that hey everyone's watching you we see we're not going to allow this to keep going like this cornelius flowers says the tragic reality is that the use of chemical weapons against unarmed demonstrators is becoming the new norm practiced and promoted by american officials we were out the other night i'm standing out and somewhat prepared and he had a bag you know pull out a gun he put out a gas mask and he said that are you prepared and that's that's crazy that's crazy
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that's what preparation it is a gas mask the police shooting of michael brown sparked a palpable sense of anger and frustration extending far beyond the borders of turkey and all the country beat for justice and accountability and there are those . practices remain under heavy scrutiny. r t. ok well slocum if you got a you know the expression however a man named trevor farrel posted a video tis facebook of himself lighting up nothing other than a mcdonald's french fry then he actually proceeds to smoke it and he's pretty disgusted by the concept take a look this is were people cruel over. we've been given to kids this for years i used to go with it or grandma used to take me. to school is this where we want to feed our cues is this what we want in our system . from the way. you know mickey's has recently come under fire for concealing
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the ingredients of their chicken make nuggets and now we're seeing that there are french fries can not only catch fire but they can be smoked. if you're tempted you might actually want to think again check it out. guess that's why they don't have a french fry flavored you cigarettes right. and we have our we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is actor david arquette and in this clip larry asked him about his new business ventures. what about you and i clubs yeah night club called booty bellows which is it's bootsy bellows bellows yeah we call it bootsy's but yeah it's named after my mother who she was a pin up model in the first year period of time i was going through this book called i was a fifty's pinup and i came across
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a naked picture of my mom and she was still alive at the time and i said look at these pages and there are four pictures of her like having a cat fight with another girl and she's like oh david we were really fighting so it's like i'm really worried about the. magazine and she's like yeah i was like well did you ever straight you know did you she's like well i did burlesque dance i said did you have a name and she said it was bootsy bellows that's why we named it and we it's a pretty fun place and. so tonight at nine pm tonight right here on our t.v. america and i'm going to do it for now for more on the stories we just cover go to you tube dot com forward slash r t america or check out our website r t dot com for it slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at manila chad have a great night see you soon. on marinating in the financial world. developments happening on top of the only taking credit not going to get any
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economic benefit in life there are and there are fucked. this story is about an amazing accomplishment of humanity ready the nuclear regulatory commission is the overseer of the us is nuclear power industry they maintain databases to get precise details information about the location and condition of all american nuclear reactors they keep inventory of weapons grade nuclear material the n.r.c. employs about four thousand people who work very serious jobs that affect the
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safety of the entire planet and according to a new inspector general reports the n.r.c. is computer system has been hacked three in just three years twice by foreigners and once by an unknown individual and they did it by using this simple list of hacks one incident was a basic e-mail phishing scam a couple hundred n.r.c. employees received e-mails asking them to click on a link and log in doesn't n.r.c. employees took the click bait and visited a cloud based google spreadsheet no one knows what the employees actually put into the spreadsheet but they do know that the person who set up a spreadsheet was in a foreign country another incident also involves a basic e-mail phishing scam employees got an e-mail with a link that connected to a cloud based microsoft sky drive storage site which housed now where again investigators tracked the center of this e-mail to a foreign country and then the third incident hackers broke into one the n.r.c. employees personal e-mail account and sent an e-mail to sixteen other n.r.c.
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employees in the compromised employees contact list and that e-mail contained. p.d.f. attachment with the javascript security vulnerability and the n.r.c. employees opened the attachment infecting their systems but this time investigators were able to track the hacker all told investigators found seventeen compromises to the n.r.c. computer systems that occurred between twenty and twenty thirty from employees clicking on links and attachments and e-mails from our known senders something that every human with access to a computer should know not to do. and the employees are required to complete annual cyber training but apparently some of them aren't paying attention in class and because of that cheers stupidity unknown people around the world have now had access to every detail about every nuclear reactor in the u.s. so yeah this story is.


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